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Being a part of Global Leather Industry for more than 20 years now, we have differentiated and divided our work and services in the below mentioned categories:


This is the prime most department in our company and this very department differentiates us from others. We use different manufacturing units as per concept of the project/ style, this also depends on the order quantity and price ranges. We as a part of sourcing team understand and analyze the upcoming market trends, by being a part of it and on the basis of that, we anticipate the construction/pattern/colors/last of our various new footwear designs on all the research and development we have done for the upcoming fashion.

(Note: - Please note that we only work with one customer in one Country.)

Sample Development

This process is majorly the outcome of 2 most important factors:-

  • Products developed as per our sourcing decisions.
  • Products developed as per the want or an idea given by our international client.

We not only ensure the proper procedure of sample development but also focus on the confidentiality factor as per demanded by our client.

Order Placement

As per our prior process of sampling, We collect orders from the global market. Under this process we make sure certain parameters like Competitive prices, Quality Assurance, Timely Delivery, Focused Inspection etc.

Confirmation Sample

Re-Sampling is done if there are any changes or modification required in Order Placement process from the buyers end.

In-Line & End-Line Production Control

The utmost process when it comes to production. To control the full process of production we have qualified technical staff and an inspection team, there work starts right from selection of quality leather and other products which were decided at the time of Sampling and Re-Sampling till the final outcome. We Ensure every little details in this.


Packaging is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use, but in today’s scenario it has gone more wider than its meaning. Packaging has now become a fashion leader. So being a hub of resourses we ensure that our client gets whatever he requires and in addition we also focus on the quality of Tags, Bar-Code, Pictogram, Box label, Tissue/Wrapped Paper etc.

Shipment Follow up

Ensuring the timely dilvery & also sending client the proper shipment docs like Vessel Date, Transit-time etc.


If any business client is interested then we also have an option of starting an Agency/Dealership of any raw material, packing material, grindery related to fittings related to footwear and for this we have an extra space/manpower and administration to handle it separately.

About us

We at Baxxico are India based sourcing agents for footwear made up of high quality leather. Baxxico is backed by the highly experience footwear professionals having more than 20 years experience in the field of shoe sourcing and manufacturing.

We have worked with many European companies helping them source shoes from India. The intense trade relations with some national and international brands makes our background in the shoes much more professional.

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